What I Purchased From The Sephora Bonus Event – November 2019

Hi everyone!

The Sephora bonus event (or Beauty Insider sale) ends tomorrow, and I wanted to share what I’ve picked up. I just placed another order (my fourth and HOPEFULLY last), but everything else has come in already. Read on if you’re interested to see what I got or looking to place a last minute order!

13346142-2Becca Party Popper Ultimate Lipstick Love Mini Kit

It’s no secret that I’m a lip product addict. I thought this holiday kit would be a great way to try the Becca formula and get some colors I don’t really have in my collection. This set comes with three minis in the colors Sugar (a cool-toned light nude shade), Orchid (a cool-toned pinky plum shade) and Rosewood (a warm, rich rose). Each lipstick has a satin finish, which is my personal favorite.

Sugar is a great nude and less pink than the pinky-nudes my collection is filled with. I need to pick up a more nude lip liner to go with this. Orchid is more along the lines of my collection – it’s a mauvey shade with about the same depth of my natural lip color, but more blue-toned. Lastly, Rosewood is a great red. I wouldn’t call it a rose shade since it definitely reads red on my lips. Like I stated in a recent Instagram post, my goal is to start wearing more red shades. The holidays are the perfect time to start doing so, and now I have two in my collection!

These shades are great and they’re all colors I can see myself wearing. Unless you go through lipstick crazy fast, they’re a decent size and are a great way to stock up on different colors. At $25, you basically get three lipsticks for the price of one full size (a full size tube is $24). Plus, the party popper packaging makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Buxom Wanderlust Primer-Infused Blush

If you saw my Instagram story, then you’ll know that Sephora accidentally sent me THREE of these blushes instead of the one that I paid for! I’m pretty much set for life. I ended up giving one to my mom and I’ll probably return the rest to the store. This is a really nice pink shade with a bit of mauve to it. I think pink shades look best on my fair winter skin, and cool tones look especially nice during the fall and winter. I hadn’t heard much about these blushes, but the price just seemed right.

900Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This is my all-time favorite dry shampoo, and it’s the only one I’ve repurchased again and again. I’m pretty OCD about showering every day since my hair does get greasy pretty quickly, but for the days my hair is straightened and I don’t want to shower all my hard work away, this is my go-to. It has a strong white cast and needs to be rubbed in pretty well, but it’s amazing at getting rid of extra grease and oils on the scalp. It doesn’t cause my hair to lay weirdly or give it a weird texture. I also really liked the mini size of the Amika Perk Up dry shampoo I recently tried. That may be my next dry shampoo purchase.

Side note –  Sephora doesn’t sell R+Co (although they should…), but I recently bought their FOIL Frizz + Static Control spray and it’s so great for these cold, dry months. Whenever I wear a winter coat my hair gets SO staticky and this helps immensely.

375x500.48062Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar

I had received a sample of this with a previous Sephora order and every single time I used it I was complimented on how great I smelled. That alone is enough to convince me to take the plunge! I’ve used up an entire bottle of Flowerbomb in the past, but I like that this iteration of the scent is a bit sweeter and somehow less overwhelming overall. It’s definitely a warm, sweet scent with notes of orange flower, tonka bean, and “Living Gunpowder” for a smoky touch. If you like sweet, warm or gourmand scents, I can’t recommend this enough. Give it a try next time you’re in store.

c7706e9ab3f5525aafd285a149509f6b.jpgPat McGrath Lust Lip Gloss in Love Potion

I’ve definitely become a lip gloss lover over the last year. I’m so glad lip gloss is back! I’d been resisting buying this for a while since I do have a few lip glosses and some similar shades, but with the 20% discount I had to get it. I fell in love with this after seeing targeted ads for it on Instagram – the photo here is the exact photo they used on Instagram. Love Potion is a beautiful pale pink taupe with iridescent pearl flecks in it.

First of all, this smells amazing. Like so many other glosses on the market, it has a cupcake type scent that reminds me of the old MAC Dazzleglass I had in about seventh grade. The applicator, however, is unique – it’s curved to hug the lips perfectly. It feels smooth – not sticky – on the lips, and the glitter flecks are hardly noticeable when you rub your lips together.

The tube is bigger than I anticipated. It’s 4.5ml, so you do get a decent amount of product for the price.

CicaGel.jpgDr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Calming Gel Cream

This is the one product I may return. I do love it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty expensive and I do have some moisturizers to go through as is. I love the texture of this cream. Since it’s a gel cream, it’s super lightweight and good for acne-prone or oily skin. My skin is pretty combination and I do get occasional breakouts on my cheeks and chin. This whole line is amazing for uneven, red skin or acne-prone skin. I’m going to finish up the sample I have of this before deciding whether or not to keep this one.

I do really love the Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment, which I mentioned in my sale recommendations. It’s amazing over acne marks for calming down red, inflamed skin before applying makeup. It also looks great on its own for no-makeup days.

What have you picked up from the sale? Don’t forget, the sale ends tomorrow and is currently open to ALL levels of Beauty Insiders. Use the code “HOLIDAYSAVE” to get your discount!



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