Sephora Sale Hair & Body Recommendations: Fall 2021

Makeup is my favorite category (recommendations on this blog post), but I thought I’d share some of my top recommendations from other categories as well.

Hair products

I often buy shampoo and conditioner at the drugstore, but when I do splurge and get something higher-end, these are the ones I go for. I’m using the Amika Velveteen Dream shampoo and conditioner at the moment.


Most of my styling products, however, are from Sephora. I’ve found a few that I truly love and always replenish when I run out. My absolute #1 must-have is the Gisou hair oil. It’s thick and luscious and a little goes a long way – I’ve been using this for a few years now and have only used up about one and a half bottles. They also have some excellent holiday sets to try out more of their products! Their hair perfume and leave-in conditioner are also favorites of mine and help lock in that gorgeous honey/floral scent. The Ouai x Byredo Mojave Ghost leave-in conditioner has also been used heavily in my rotation as of late. Nothing beats the wonderful clean smell of Mojave Ghost, and the Ouai leave-in is a favorite of many.

For dry shampoo, I love Amika, Living Proof, and Sol de Janeiro. As for taming frizz, IGK’s Mistress Hair Balm is my go-to product for sleeker strands. Linking the rest of my favorites below, so be sure to scroll through!


Body Products

My skin is very prone to Keratosis Pilaris (aka KP, or those little bumps you get on the back of your arms or legs) and also tends to get very dry and itchy, so I always try to have moisturizing body products on hand.

In the shower, I love to use a good body scrub (First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser and Kopari’s coconut scrub are two favorites) and follow up with a moisturizing cream like First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. I also love the Kopari Pink Souffle body mask and I can’t believe no one ever talks about it! It has niacinamide and kaolin clay to help clear pores and reduce bumps on the body.

For deliciously scented body creams, it should be no surprise that my top recommendations are the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and their new(er) Bom Dia Bright Cream. If you’ve read any of my past Sephora Sale or favorites posts, you’ll have seen me talk about these. They truly have the best scents and they linger all day long. I like the deodorant and body sprays too.


Self Tanner

My Irish heritage makes me a terribly pale gal so I rely on self tanner. I absolutely adore the St. Tropez express tanning mousse – it fully develops in just a few hours (instead of 8) so you don’t need to sleep in it and ruin your sheets. I also really love Tan Luxe’s tanning products for face and body. The Butter and The Gradual are excellent for more of a gradual tanning lotion. Personally, I find Isle of Paradise’s products to run a bit more on the orange side, but I do love applying their tanning water with a continuous spray bottle. Since this trend blew up on Tik Tok, they came out with a set with both the water and spay bottle included. Trust me when I say this spray bottle is 10x better than the original tanning water spray nozzle.


Will you be picking up any hair or body products during the sale?? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget you can always message me on Instagram for recommendations or visit my Shoplist page.

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