Must-Have Hair Products for Fall and Winter

I think we can all agree that no one’s hair looks its best during the winter. It’s cold and dry out, leading to frizzy, staticky hair, and without being in the sunshine on a daily basis our hair reverts to its natural, darkest tones. I’ve found some great products throughout the last few months and the last year that really help maintain my hair health and keep it looking sleek even in this cold weather. Read on to learn about my favorite products!

Hair Oils

Hair oils can be daunting to first-time users, especially if you have hair that gets greasy easily. I find that if I go longer than 24 hours without washing my hair, I turn into a greaseball pretty quickly. However, I’ve learned that hair oil doesn’t contribute to this, at least when it’s used correctly. I like to apply a bit of hair oil to my ends when it’s damp to help moisturize the hair and keep it frizz-free. That added bit of weight that the oil adds helps keep your locks looking beautiful all day long.

I’ve tried a few different kinds, but Gisou is by far one of the best. It comes in super luxe packaging, which has made it a blogger favorite since its launch. Created by influencer Negin Mirsalehi, who has the world’s most beautiful hair, this hair oil is made with honey from the Mirsalehi family bee garden and is formulated to rebuild and repair. It’s wonderfully thick, and feels nourishing on the hair. It’s super pricey, but a little goes a long way. I’ve had my bottle for about nine months and I’m not even halfway finished. The scent is to die for, which is why she also sells a hair perfume (which I’m dying to try!).



710sHeGf5IL._SL1500_.jpgFor a hair oil that offers better bang for your buck, you must try Verb’s Ghost Oil. At only $16, this oil helps my hair lay smooth all day long. It’s great for all textures of hair, and is free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, and mineral oil. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. The entire Ghost line is meant to be lightweight and usable on fine hair as well. I use the Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner and love both! I also really love the Ghost Dry Oil. I use the dry spray daily on dry or damp hair. Dry oils are great because they’re completely mess free – no washing pesky oils off of your hands after use.

Shop Verb products via my link here to help me make money and keep my blog going! I’m a Verb Friend, meaning I’m an affiliate of the company and receive a 20% commission of all orders via my link, but all opinions are my own. I actually used and loved the Ghost Oil before the brand reached out to me in the first place.

Anti-Frizz & Styling Products

I’ve tried a number of different hair creams, lotions, sprays and leave-in treatments over the last ten years. I was sent the Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer spray for review earlier this year, and it might just take the cake as my favorite detangler, leave-in conditioner, and heat protectant all in one. It smells incredible and is safe for all hair types. This is the first product I use when I get out of the shower before brushing out my hair with a wet brush (another must have). I also really love the Ouai Leave-In Conditioner.

75855.jpgR+Co makes some of my favorite styling products. I’ve been using their Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion all year and love how it helps keep my hair smooth and moisturized and, best of all, smelling amazing. It feels lightweight but my hair air dries better with this cream than with anything else I’ve tried. I initially received a mini size from Birchbox (back when I was still a subscriber) and used the entire thing up. For me to use up a product means it’s definitely good. I immediately purchased a full size and use it almost daily on damp hair. It smells super fresh, almost a unisex scent, that lingers on my hair throughout the day. R+Co’s High Dive Moisture + Shine Cream is quite similar and just as good. I’m working on a mini size of that right now, too.



I recently discovered the Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray from R+Co and thought it would be perfect for these cold months when sweaters, scarves and winter coats seem to infuse our hair with plenty of static. Boy, was I right. A spritz of this stuff on dry hair helps calm and prevent that staticky frizz that’s almost inevitable in the winter. I find my hair to be especially staticky when it’s straightened, and this completely gets rid of it. Some days this is all I use on my hair.


As I mentioned before, you need a wet brush. It’s best to comb wet hair, but I find that combs tug on my hair and it’s difficult to comb through no matter how much detangler I use. Wet brush is the safest brush to use on wet hair and it detangles and brushes through my wet hair faster than anything else I’ve tried.

My mom has a L’ange straightening brush and, nine times out of ten, I reach for this over a flat iron. I love my classic GHD iron, but this brush straightens my hair without sucking the body and volume out of it and doesn’t feel like it fries my hair as much. Amika and Drybar make straightening brushes too.

What are your hair care favorites? Let me know in the comments below!



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