Top 6 Coats you NEED for Fall and Winter

1. Barbour Beadnell Waxed Cotton Jacket

10389026_fpx.tif.jpegWhen I started my first lifeguarding job at age 16, I already knew what I was going to get with my first paycheck – this jacket. At boarding school, these coats were sort of a status symbol. Everyone had one. They radiate preppy New England style, although the brand’s roots are across the pond in England. The Barbour Beadnell Waxed Cotton Jacket is a timeless field coat that takes you from early fall, through winter, and into the spring. With signature plaid cotton lining, the coat keeps you warm and dry. I also have a matching plaid vest that zips into the jacket for added warmth in the winter.

Barbour offers complimentary re-waxing, which I did for the first time last year. The original wax layer lasted me a good five or so years before needing to be redone. Barbour is such a trusted brand, and I can’t recommend their coats enough.

I love the quilted jackets as well. We recently even purchased a Barbour coat for my puppy, which she looks adorable in!


2. Camel wool coat

J4864_BR6428_m.jpegI bought my camel coat for under $100 (or pounds, rather) at Spitalfields Market in London! However, with the rise in popularity of this style in the last few years, many big-name brands now manufacture them. J. Crew has a beautiful option made from Italian boiled wool, and it comes in both a cooler beige and a warm camel color. You can’t go wrong with either. These coats make a monochrome outfit immediately look chic, which is why I always wear mine when roaming around cities in the winter!

This shorter and slightly more casual-looking coat from J. Crew is perfect as well. Their factory line also makes a similar coat.

For more of a budget buy, look to Zara.


3. Sherpa/teddy coat

Another big fashion trend of the last few years, teddy coats and sherpa fabrics have been all the rage. I’ve been loving wearing my I.AM.GIA Pixie Coat since I got it earlier this season. It’s fluffy and oversized, and it’s been my go-to casual jacket for when it’s a bit chilly and I want something to throw over leggings or sweats. I wear a small but could easily have gotten an extra small as well since it runs so huge. I have the tan color (clearly I’m into the camel coat trend) but love all of the other colors as well. Urban Outfitters makes a great dupe and some other casual teddy jackets that you’ll want to cuddle up in all winter long.

Teddy coats come in a variety of styles – you can even combine the look of the aforementioned wool coat with a teddy fabric such as with this Sam Edelman coat. This BLANKNYC teddy coat combines the look of a chic moto jacket with soft furry fabric making for the perfect coat to throw on for a night out.


4. Down parka

3802LA_810.jpgIf you follow me on Instagram, then you know it’s no secret that I’m in love with my Canada Goose parka. I know they’re a bit controversial because they contain real down feathers and have a real coyote fur hood, but I absolutely adore this coat. It’s by far the warmest coat I’ve ever had, and during the biting cold we experience here in New England, it’s saved me time and time again. I have a post comparing two styles here.

I own the Shelburne, and it hits at the perfect length so that it’s long enough to keep your butt warm but not so long it looks old lady-like. It’s an investment piece that I hope to have in my closet (and in good repair) for years to come. I also really like the Trillium style.

If you don’t want to drop a grand on a parka, or maybe you’re looking for something with faux fur, I’ve linked a ton of great dupes below (like this one that’s 25% off right now!).


5. Packable down jacket

b7a5633e-8b8b-4fce-b091-1e3d872096b0.jpegWhile I love my Canada Goose, it really is a heavy coat. Before I owned that, I wore lighter down jackets like this one from Patagonia. This coat is much more compact, making it easier to pack on a trip, and easier to move in. I ski in my old Helly Hansen coat, which was the first expensive coat I bough with my own money that I made from a commercial I was in at age 15. It even has a rip right across the logo and I still wear it with a piece of black duct tape holding it together.

These shorter coats offer a more sporty and casual look while still containing down feathers to keep you warm. North Face offers great options as well as Lululemon, Marmot, Helly Hansen, and other winter sports brands.

For more of a fashion look, opt for a puffier down jacket like this one from Lululemon. While not as packable, that look is definitely in this season.


6. Moto jacket

A moto jacket may not be the warmest option out there, but I still find myself reaching for mine all winter long. When I go out, I’m not going to bring my $1000 parka only to have it stolen off the coat rack by some drunk freeloader. Instead, I’ll dress in layers, and put a cute, fashion-forward moto jacket over my outfit to help keep me warmer while staying stylish.

Having a black leather (or faux leather, in my case) is a necessity for nights out during the cooler months. I also absolutely love my red suede moto jacket – I wore it so often during the holidays and even afterwards. It stole the show in many of my photos from Paris! I got mine from Saks off 5th, but BLANKNYC makes gorgeous moto jackets. This one is stunning and comes in a variety of colors.

What are your go-to jackets for the fall and winter? Let me know in the comments below!



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