Battle of the Balms: Best Lip Balm Picks

For as long as I can remember, I have been a lip balm addict. My drawers were filled with Lip Smackers at a young age, and as I got older and delved deeper into the beauty world, I graduated from $2 soda-flavored chapsticks to pricier luxury beauty options. I can’t resist a lip balm with a nice scent and comfortable feel. So, with all of the hyped-up options on the market today, I thought I’d write a post comparing some of my more recent buys in the lip treatment category.

Laneigelipsleepingmask_1024x1024_9adff7e3-a1ef-4524-9cb2-1cb5f337efc0_grandeLaneige Lip Sleeping Mask

If you keep up to date with beauty trends of any kind, then I’m sure you’ve heard of this lip balm. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask earned cult-status a year or two ago, and for good reason. This bubblegum pink berry-scented mask is intended for nighttime wear. I apply it before bed and wake up with smooth, plump lips. I rarely wear it during the day because dipping my fingers into the pot is a bit unsanitary, but it’s beautiful during the day, too. It leaves your pout glossy without any stickiness and moisturizes for hours. It was definitely one of my most used products and a favorite of 2018!

Laneige is a great Korean beauty brand and much of their line is available at Sephora. I also love the Laneige water bank cream for dry winter skin. This lip mask retails for $20 and is totally worth it – I’ve had mine almost a year now and I don’t think I’m even half way through.

​Get it here.


51kidjVND4L._SY450_Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm

I heard wonderful things about this cute little tube on the Instagram beauty community but could never get over the price. However, when I saw that the full size tube came in a set of minis (with D-Bronzi and the marula oil) for just $25 (the balm is $18 on its own) I decided to give it a shot. This lip balm is good – it glides over the lips and leaves them hydrated – but it’s nothing special. I’m a sucker for a good scent and this is unscented. There is also very little product in the tube. I love to keep this one in my makeup drawer and apply it before lipstick, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Get it here.



img-9652Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in Maple

I long resisted the Bite lip mask trend because I had my trusty Laneige, but this week I and caved. I’ve only been using it for a few days and I think it may have surpassed Laneige in my books. This mask adheres to my lips a bit better than the Lip Sleeping Mask and smells amazing. The maple scent was exclusive to Canada until recently. It smells like maple syrup and has beautiful brown/bronze color which may tint the lips for some, but for me it appears relatively clear.

I’ve been reaching for this when I’m sitting around at home because of how good it smells, and I definitely feel like my lips are smoother from using this. I also received samples of the original, champagne and smashed versions as well, but this is my favorite. If you’re looking for a good lip mask I could not recommend this enough!

Get it here.

img-9650Milk Makeup Kush Lip Glaze

Last but not least, the Kush Lip Glaze.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t all that intrigued by the Kush line. I think using cannabis in beauty is genius and I love that trend (writing a story about it for work now), but with so many balms in my collection I didn’t feel a need for this strange green product. Is it a balm? Is it a gloss? I wasn’t sure.

I picked this up earlier this week when I bought the Bite mask and I have to say, it is nice. The tube has a nice metal tip which feels cool on the lips. The product comes out green, which is a bit off-putting to me, but it is clear on the lips. It’s definitely much more of a lip treatment than a balm. With a slight mint scent, this lip glaze moisturizes my lips well and, as much as I hate to say it, the name and the color are a fun novelty.

​Get it here.

Milk left, Bite right

What’s your favorite lip product at the moment? I’m always on the market for more, so let me know down below!

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