Self-care products I’ve been loving

Hi guys!

As I enter my third week of quarantine (I think… but who really knows at this point), I’ve found myself spending more time on self care. I think it’s really important to take time to focus on yourself during this time when anxiety and stress are running as high as can be. These are the products I love to do so.

Eye masks

Eye masks provide an instant cooling sensation and overall relaxation for the face, while improving the look of puffiness and dark circles. I’ve been loving the Good Molecules Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches* because they are absolutely drenched in good-for-skin serums and feel so relaxing under my eyes. I keep them in my skincare fridge so that they’re extra cold.

I also like to treat myself to the Wander Beauty or Bliss under eye patches every once and a while because they are so darn cute! Both of these are paper masks, so they stay on better if you’re planning on keeping them on for a long time.

If I’m feeling super tired or puffy, I’ll use a gel sleep mask like this one for about 20 minutes to help soothe any inflammation. This is also amazing for allergy sufferers, face sunburns, or any time you have any kind of eye irritation.

While masking, I like to use a cool jade roller to massage my face and help relieve tension in my jaw and forehead areas.

Face masks

Since I have so many face masks, I’m trying to be extra diligent about using one a few times per week, especially since I have so much time on my hands.

For clearing my pores, I love the Onekind Pore-fectionist Refining Facial*. It contains AHA/BHAs for gentle exfoliation and pink clay to really get the gunk out of your skin. It’s one of the easiest clay masks to wash off, too, which makes the whole task of masking a lot less daunting. It just won a 2020 GLAMOUR beauty award, and for good reason! Even though it was gifted to me, it’s become one of my top favorite masks I’ve ever tried. I have an affiliate code that allows you to get $10 off your first order – click here to shop.

For exfoliating and brightening, I love my Drunk Elephant Babyfacial mask. This one’s pricey but really gets the job done. My skin feels incredibly soft afterwards, and I like to follow with a nice hydrating mask or oil. The Ordinary makes a peeling mask (that looks so much like blood) that has similar effects, although I definitely don’t think it’s as good as Drunk Elephant’s. It’s a great budget buy, however!

When it comes to hydrating masks, Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag mask is my favorite. The packaging is adorable, and it has an amazing rich moisturizer feel to it. I apply a thick layer to my face and allow it to absorb a bit before going to bed. I always wake up with plump, glowy skin after using it! It’s available at Sephora, but you can get $$ off by purchasing through their site here.

I also recently picked up these EcoTools Mask Remover Sponges. Are they necessary? No, but they do make taking off a mask easier. It can take awfully long to rub it off using just your hands, and sometimes a washcloth felt too abrasive on my skin. These are soft and gentle, and don’t leave a mess.

Lip balms

With so much time spent at home, I’m trying to use up more of my lip balms as well. I’ve been religiously using my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask both day and night. It’s by far my favorite night time lip mask. I love the vanilla one, but Sweet Candy is amazing too!

I’ve also been loving the Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask. This one is almost too pretty to use. It comes with a little gold applicator for more sanitary use. I’m also considering purchasing  these silicone applicators that are just like the ones that come with Laneige lip masks so that I always have one to use to apply lip balm. These help prevent spreading germs when using potted balms, and they’re super easy to wash with a bit of dish soap.

Hair care

I recently got the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia shampoo and conditioner* and it has truly made me look forward to washing my hair. It has the same incredible scent that the Brazilian Bum Bum cream has, and it brightens my mood every time I use it. It also leaves my hair remarkably soft and silky, which I can’t say about most hair products I’ve tried. Buy this set to save $5 on the shampoo and conditioner AND get a body mist as well!

The Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is my favorite reparative hair mask. Since I have so much extra time on my hands due to quarantining, I’ve been loving using this before showering. Simply hop in the shower and get your hair wet before applying this from scalp to ends. Tie your hair up and leave it on for at least 10 minutes before getting back in the shower and washing it out. Your hair will be left silky smooth and shinier than ever.

Body care

During “normal” life, I often forget to care for my body. Lately I’ve been trying to remember to exfoliate and moisturize more often. I like to use this First Aid Beauty body scrub* in the shower, or my usual body wash and a pair of exfoliating gloves and focus on my legs, butt, back of arms, and armpits. This helps get rid of bumps, prevent ingrown hairs, and promote all around smoother skin.

After showering, I like to use the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – not only does it smell amazing, but it’s richly moisturizing and gives your skin an amazing glow.


Scents can be a great mood booster, so I’ve been trying to keep my room and myself smelling good during these boring days. I recently picked up the Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ’62 Eau de Parfum and I’ve been wearing it every day. It smells just like the cream and the hair products – a delicious, warm, summery scent. It’s not the longest lasting perfume, but when coupled with the body cream it definitely lingers for most of the day.

I’ve also been wearing my Glossier You perfume because, to me, it’s such a calming scent. It’s a bit musky with the ever so slightest masculine scent, and smells different on everyone. I wish they’d release more products with this scent!

For my room and linens, I’ve been religiously using this spray from TreeActiv. It contains ingredients that eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and the lavender scent provides me with an instant sense of calm. I like spraying it on my pillowcase both to help me fall asleep and to sleep peacefully knowing my pillowcase isn’t going to give me any breakouts.

What self care products have you been using under quarantine? Let me know in the comments below! Stay home and stay healthy.




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