New Site!

Hi all! Welcome to my new, updated website!

I started out my blog using Weebly, per the recommendation of one of my uber-successful influencer friends. Weebly was great in a lot of ways – the drag and drop features made it very easy to use. However, I didn’t feel like the functionality was as great as it could be. The theme choices were limited, and my site was very basic.

I have used WordPress before, both during college for class websites and at my last job. I decided to switch my site to WordPress so that I could use a more cohesive theme that would give me more options in terms of layout. So far I am loving it, but it’s a work in progress – I’m still working on getting my resume and past work onto this new site to serve as a portfolio of sorts, and the layout does still need some work.

That being said, I hope you enjoy the new website! I find it’s easier to sort through my posts and it’s more aesthetically pleasing over all.



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