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Hi beauties! I’ve had some new favorites from Amazon lately and thought I’d share them with you all. I love how affordable everything is and each product has come so in handy since purchasing!

Amazon Dress

The “Amazon Dress”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Amazon Coat” by now – I’ve yet to try it since I have my trusty Canada Goose, but it looks awesome! This dress is now being dubbed the “Amazon Dress.” It’s available from multiple sellers, but after ordering one from two different sellers, this is the one I like the most. It’s more form fitting and shorter than the other one I ordered, which hit at my knee – not the most flattering look at my age and height. It’s lightweight but still appropriate for winter wear and looks great with a pair of boots.


Padded Sports Bra/Crop Tank

This is my new go-to sports bra. It’s more like a padded cropped cami. It’s incredibly comfortable and the fabric is definitely comparable to some of Lululemon’s tanks. Since it’s padded, there’s no need to wear a sports bra underneath. They’re super flattering and come in a bunch of colors. I actually wore my white one for my photoshoot with Greenwich Med Spa! Note that they do run small – I initially ordered my typical size small and it was too snug, so I returned it for a medium. Perfect fit.

Romwe Top

Romwe One-Shoulder Top

This is a great find! I ordered this top in white and it’s incredibly versatile – it can be worn casually or on a night out. One shoulder is normal while the other folds over for an off-the-shoulder look. I read reviews that said it ran small so I purchased it in a medium – the medium definitely fits like a small and is even a bit snug when taking it off.


Ring Light

A lot of the time I want to take product photos or makeup selfies but there’s just no good natural light. The lights in my house only make it worse. This ring light is perfect – it’s affordable, a manageable size, and easy to put together. Plus, it comes with a phone stand and bluetooth remote for hands-free selfies. It makes you look flawless in every photo!


Silicone Phone Case

I love Apple’s silicone cases, but Amazon’s are identical for a fraction of the price. I knew I was getting a new phone soon and needed to have a case ready to keep it protected. This one is perfect.


Pears Soap

Soap brows are the latest trend in eyebrows. By brushing your brows upwards with clear soap, your brows are held in place all day long with a fluffy, natural look. This is the best soap for getting that effect. It’s clear, huge, and fits perfectly into a Lush tin. Grab a few spoolies from Sephora.

Chella Eyebrow Pencil

Chella Eyebrow Pencil

On the topic of eyebrows, I love this eyebrow pencil by Chella. It’s almost identical to Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I found that all of my ABH brow pencils were breaking. The spoolie broke off of every single one I’ve owned in recent years! Chella’s Luscious Light Brown pencil is a perfect match for my brows and always looks natural. I’d love to try their brow highlighter!

precision q tips

Precision Tip Cotton Swabs

If you’re a fan of home manicures like I am, these are an absolute must. I’ve tried using brushes to clean up my cuticles after painting my nails, but I find these work so much better since they are stiffer and come to a sharp point. These are also great for cleaning up eye makeup and getting a precise wing every time!


Suede & Nubuck Brush Cleaner

Suede shoes and boots are my favorite, but they inevitably get marks on them whether from dirt or water. This brush did a great job of cleaning up my favorite suede mules – the silicone brush smoothed away all of the water/drink spills on them. I’m impressed.

What are you loving from Amazon lately? Drop me some links below!




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