Newest Glossier Buys!

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In honor of Glossier’s 20% off Black Friday sale, I thought I’d share my thoughts on my most recent purchases from the brand. To read about my other Glossier products, read this blog post and this blog post.

If you’re reading this after the Black Friday sale, use this link to place your first Glossier order and receive 10% off!

BladeFirst, I want to share how INCREDIBLE Glossier Play’s ‘Blade’ pencil sharpener is. This German-engineered sharpener makes sharpening lip and eyeliners so easy – no breakage, and a perfect point every time. The large base holds all your pencil shavings, and it even comes with a cleaning stick to remove color residue for the blade (now I just need to find where I put mine…). I never thought I’d be so excited about a pencil sharpener, but this one really is amazing. My mom made me order another for her as soon as I got it! Plus, it’s only $4, which is cheaper than the NARS sharpener I’ve seen other beauty lovers rave about.

I also picked up my fourth (and possibly favorite) Cloud Paint in the color ‘Storm’. I already own Beam, Puff and Dusk. Beam and Dusk are great colors on me in the summer, but not so much the winter. Puff is a great, bright, year-round pink, but Storm gives me that perfect flushed look that looks like I’ve been out in the cold for a little while. Since this color is far darker than my others, I’ve found the best way to apply it is to put a tiny drop on the back of my hand and use a mini stippling brush to spread it over the cheeks. I’ll go over it with a sponge afterwards if it needs further blending.

pro_tip_trio_shopgrid_1200x1600.jpgNext, I ordered the Eye Trio. Of course, the day after placing my first order, Glossier dropped their ‘Pro Tip’ liquid eyeliner. I had to have it, so back to the Glossier website I went!

I love brush tip eyeliners. I find that felt tip liners dry out and fray at the tip much faster. This brush glides smoothly over the eyelid and imparts a deeply pigmented black line. I love that the eyeliner is buildable – if you have to swipe over a spot more than once, it won’t pick up the initial product like some other liners do. The one thing I’ll note is that, while it does stay on through anything, it’s more difficult to take off than other liners. You’ll need an oil-based eye makeup remover to remove it fully, which is why I opted to get the Eye Trio that includes their Milky Oil.

The Milky Oil is a waterproof makeup remover consisting of micellar water and a “weightless oil” – simply shake the bottle to mix up the ingredients and swipe over the eyes with a cotton round (the Glossier ones are so cute???).

The trio also includes my longtime favorite, the Glossier ‘Lash Slick’ mascara. It is my favorite mascara for daily use because it gives lashes a natural, wispy look and is easily removed with warm water and some face wash, at most. I’ve gone through multiple tubes – it does seem to dry out relatively quickly, but perhaps that’s because of how often I use it. Even if it’s not my primary mascara of the day, I love using Lash Slick to separate and de-clump my lashes. Sometimes I keep older, dried-up tubes around for this purpose, too. If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend you do!

Honorable mention: I received a sample of FutureDew with both of my orders. I definitely think it does what it says – it feels like an oil/serum hybrid, and it makes anywhere you put it stay extra dewy, with or without makeup on top. However, I don’t think I’ll be rushing to pick it up anytime soon. It did feel ever so slightly greasy on my skin. If you love the natural, dewy look, then this product is for you.

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